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Погода Киев

18 February 2014
Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a person who is not registered in social networks or do not use social media. Recently, even the most news people learn from social networks that are important and relevant source of information. With the development of new social media and increasing of their functional, social networks today not only serve a communicative function - they allow people on self-realization; find friends and like-minded people; to join in the community.
20 January 2014
Social media, in our time, become part of activity of many organizations and companies. They allow sharing information, communicating, joining in community, etc.
09 December 2013
On December 5th -6th, the regular training of teaching of using of skills of social media for NGOs within the project “Learning of using of skills of social media for 10 NGOs”, which is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.
26 November 2013
As the international experience shows, the activities of NGOs in social media also have its effect and are very effective. Thus, using social media can inform the public about the organization and its activities, involve partial to solve problems, raise funds, communicate with donors, so, activity in social media can be the same usual professional activities.