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Materials for the Roundtable "Implementation of Social Justice in Contemporary Public Policy for People with Disabilities ", Which Was Held 12.02.2013

23 May 2013



The UN General Assembly on the initiative of Kyrgyzstan announced February 20 the World Day of Social Justice, which held every year since 2009. The draft of resolution, co-authors of which were about 80 countries, was adopted by consensus. The document emphasizes that economic growth, peace and security, and human rights are necessary conditions for social development and social justice.


One of the definitions of social justice is as follows: "Social justice is a measure of achievement in a society of social equality and freedom."


Ability to earn rewards for their work on equal terms with other members of society and guarantee the free choice of our business is the inalienable right of every member of society, including the people with disabilities. The implementation of this law in the state is due to placement and employment of citizens.


What is the situation at present in the labor market with disabilities? According to the Accounting Chamber of jobs that employ people with disabilities is reduced. But the same trend exists with companies that employ people with disabilities people. If by 2000 the number was 1000 then today there are 400. And this situation is the presences of government support these companies in the form of tax incentives and opportunities funded by the Fund for Social Security of People with Disabilities. What prevents the development of entrepreneurship people with disabilities and whether they performed on the principle of social justice? We are representatives not only of our social organization, but also others who are actively involved in solving the problems of employment and employment of people with disabilities and we believe that there is a need for amending certain articles of the Law of Ukraine on the employment of people with disabilities, particularly in the tax code, as well as regulations of ministries and government agencies, this requires time and the implementation of reforms undertaken in Ukraine. Some officials are frighting us, that if we ask with proposals for legislative changes our businesses may lose tax benefits. Are given in figures 4 billions USD allegedly not paid to the GOI budget businesses through tax incentives. For the reference for that "experts” we provide information provided by the State Tax Administration in Kyiv region. In the region there are registered more than 50000 companies constantly are reported and paid taxes of about 33,500 companies. The total amount of these taxes to the state budget is 5.4 billions UAH. It is unclear who need such statistics who are interested not to see the embarrassing situation of enterprises GOI and that their problems are not solved. I would also note that in 2000 the Fund of Social Protection of People with disabilities used almost 100%, and in subsequent years the percentage of their use steadily, for example in 2011 were not used 75 million, the terms "support" the creation of new companies are GOI such that their creation has become almost impossible.


In order to solve these problems and improve the situation of employment and employment of the people with disabilities offer:


1. Amend the "Tax Code", in particular in the article relating to 8% of normal using tax incentives GOI companies that will help expand the scope of the enterprise that meets the economic conditions prevailing at that time in Ukraine and abroad.


2. For VAT refund companies GOI rate of average wages set minimum wages (proposal supported by the Public Council of the Kyiv regional tax administration).


3. Since the rational and full use of the Found of Social Security of People with Disabilities submit proposals for necessary amendments to the order of their use. This update operation of the Public Council under GOI social security funds and the involvement of the Fund to take the necessary decisions.


4. Create conditions for training managers and companies GOI. Think possibility of information - a focal point that will provide training and retraining of executives and managers in business enterprises GOI.


5. View program used by existing centers vocational rehabilitation of people with disabilities


6. To support the activities of enterprises GOI, create jobs, and to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities to facilities of Euro 2015 basketball, contact the organizers with the offer of cooperation.


Representative of AUUNGO "Confederation of NGOPDU"

A. Rodin