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Oleksiy Zhuravko: "I'm Not Afraid of Diffilculties; I Have to Overcome It a Lifetime"

23 May 2013



Oleksiy    Varerijovych, the new that you are assigned a Government Commissioner for the Rights of People with Disabilities was a surprise for many people. And how unexpected was the appointment for you?



 - For me, it was the surprising and predictable, and,  I will not not hide, very nice. It's nice that what I do is not forgot by the team in which I was for many years. Predictable - because I, as a deputy of Ukraine of two convocations, never ceased to engage in social activities, helping both people with disabilities and non-governmental organizations in solving various problems and their legislative activity, I also built with focus on these issues. Helped people with disabilities defend their rights. I was always aware of the problems of wheelchair movement and, if possible, trying to solve them. So far I remember the fear of that incredible, terrible situation with Alexander Melnik, combatants in Afghanistan, disabled person with Ist group callousness of officials and convicted for actions he did not, can not tolerate injustice. I managed to get a pardon by President Viktor Yushchenko for that person with full exemption from punishment.




    How do you see your work on a new position?




   - My job is associated with many ministries, departments, Parliament. Therefore it will be necessary to prepare proposals concerning the rights and legitimate interests of persons with disabilities, actively participate in addressing human rights of people with disabilities within my powers. Another very important point - public awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities. It is sorry to say, this item is largely applies not only our citizens, but officials "on the ground" that often do not provide the necessary attention and support people with disabilities in solving their problems.




     Do not you afraid of responsibility?




     - I come to the executive power in order to operate. In order to respect the rights of persons with disabilities in all regions of our country. In order executed international obligations of Ukraine in this area.


I'm not afraid of difficulties, I have to overcome a lifetime. I really appreciate those people my followers who go through life with me. In my new position, I simply must  to justify the high trust to me the Government. Its best to ensure the rights of people with disabilities in our country.










 Met by Olga Gorianska