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April 20, 2013 Cherkasy V City Opened Festival of People with Disabilities "Mother's Love"

24 May 2013



   Agency of AUUNGO "Confederation of NGOPDU" in the Cherkassy region in joint with the Cherkasy Regional Branch of the All-Ukrainian public organization of women with disabilities "Donna" and with the active support and participation of Cherkasy Regional Branch CF "Children's Fund of Ukraine", and Children's Fund "The Power of kindness" on April 20, 2013 conducted V City opened Festival of persons with disabilities "Mother's Love".

The results and achievements of the Festival, in practice fruitful cooperation and joint efforts, and local governments Cherkasy, NGOs people with disabilities Cherkasy and other local community organizations, folk art masters, specialists of the economy to create conditions to improve social integration of people with disabilities protecting them in society regarding the practical implementation and further development of existing methods of rehabilitation and improvement for those who need special attention.

The future goal of the "Mother Love" - is to create conditions for improving logistics and professional assistance in the implementation of creative and professional potential of persons requiring special attention.

The festival competitions among children with disabilities are in the following categories:



Theatrical performance;

Playing a musical instrument;



Health-care rehabilitation with  method of hydrokineztherapy.

Participants of the festival had children with disabilities and children from different healthy GOI, NGOs and other specialized agencies that are working with children and people with disabilities vt.ch, namely MHOI ICR "SOCIETY" Cherkassy (member of AUUNGO "Confederation of NGOPDU") and other GOI "Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities renew" Cherkasy, Sosnivsky and prydniprovskyj district local centers for social assistance Cherkassy, Cherkassy specialized school № 3, the first city school of Cherkasy, Cherkasy Regional  special boarding school I-III stages , Cherkassy children's art center of PC  "Azot", Cherkasy art school for children and guests from other parts of the Cherkasy Region GOI "Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities (in bold), members of AUUNGO "Confederation of NGOPDU"- Drabivsky district association" Assembly people with disabilities Drabivschyny "(head of Volosyna Marija Dmytrivna.) village Drabiv, Zolotonoshskaya City Organization "Union of Organizations of People with disabilities of Ukraine" (head  - Tatiana Yarosh) Zolotonosha and ORR HOZHI "Donna" - which together have shown their talents and abilities in various categories.

This festival is found in practice to develop the talent and abilities in children disability is not an obstacle, but rather - promotes the integration of the child into society and is a means of rehabilitation. The event attracted the attention and interest of the participants and guests of the festival.




Head of Agency

Kashtan S. M.