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On 20-24, June, 2013 Was Held All-Ukrainian Adaptive Event "Paths to the Country of Health"

25 June 2013

On 20-24, June, 2013 was held All-Ukrainian adaptive event "Paths to the Country of Health" in Zaccarpattia by the Confederation with the support of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the State Service for the people with disabilities and veterans of Ukraine.
The purpose of the event was to promote recreation and adaptation of people with disabilities through rehabilitation and adaptive measures, promotion of healthy and active lifestyles.
Rehabilitation and adaptive measures are the unique way of recreation and rehabilitation for people with disabilities, as its features correspond to rehabilitation tasks include different mechanisms of adaptation and self-adaptation.
The complex influence of rehabilitation and adaptive measures for people with disabilities and rehabilitation process should be noted  that determines its success and effectiveness. Inclusion in society, assertiveness, activity in the leisure, apart imaginary borders skills actively building life, adequate behavior - is a measure of a successful process of integration into society of people with disabilities. These criteria are guided by the organizers during the preparation of the event.
The event took place in a very picturesque Carpathians, where most natural conditions favor the rehabilitation and adaptation of people with disabilities.
As the organizers also participants took the preparation seriously so the event became exciting and lasting event. All-Ukrainian adaptive event “Path to the Country of Health” in Zaccarpattia region occurred in the following program:
- Orienteering in the campaign;
- The establishment and collection of tents;
- Song competition;
- Competition in the making  newspapers.
During the event organizers also introduced participants to the peculiarities of events and trips for the people with disabilities.
The event ended with a closing gala and awards prizes to winners of competitions and contests.
The event was attended by 55 people - representatives of 12 regions of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhia, Zaccarpattia, Lugansk, Cherkasy, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Sumy, Rivne, Kyiv, Crimea.