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Appeal of the Head of the Leaders of National Associations of People with Disabilities to the Leaders and People with Disabilities of Other Civil Society Organizations

02 August 2013


The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities making priority issues of persons with disabilities in the world raises the importance of addressing these issues at the level of our country.

NGOs of People with disabilities are the institution that expresses the needs of its members through directly being implemented to the policy for people with disabilities.

Developing integrated civilized society, we, the leaders of national associations of people with disabilities, have guided the overall primary strategic goal of achieving full participation of people with disabilities in social life and the timely inclusion of all issues related to the issues people with disabilities in all areas of state activity.

At this stage it is very important perceived joint efforts of all NGOs for constructive and efficient cooperation in order to take decisions aimed at ensuring respect for the rights and lawful interests of people with disabilities.

Holding protests, strikes, hunger strikes - is unconstructive methods for solving problems of people with disabilities. Therefore, we appeal to the leaders of all associations with the proposal to create solidarity and friendly relations in the society to deal with conflicts and their prevention by negotiation and compromise, the formation mechanisms of social partnership with government and civil society on the rights of people with disabilities.




Bogdanov S. I. (All-Ukrainian Organization of the People with disabilities "Union of Organizations of People with disabilities of Ukraine")

Karpenko V.V. (All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations "Confederation of NGOs people with disabilities Ukraine")

Kotelyanets S.V. (Ukrainian Association of the Deaf Persons)

Kravchenko R.I. (Ukrainian NGO "Coalition for Disability Rights and Persons with Intellectual Disabilities")

Knyazev V.G. (NGO of  Women with Disabilities "Donna")

Kostyuk L.O. (All-Ukrainian NGO "Institute for Rehabilitation and Social Technologies")

Marusevych I.M. (All-Ukrainian public organization "Association of People with disabilities of spinal injuries of Ukraine")

Osadchyi A.M. (Ukrainian Society of the Blind Persons)

Skrypka N.S. (All-Ukrainian NGO "National Assembly of People with disabilities of Ukraine")

Zhuravko O.V. Government Commissioner for Human Rights of people with disabilities, person with severe impairment