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All-Ukrainian Sports and Rehabilitation Event for Young People with Special Physical Needs "Sails of Hope"

13 September 2013

From 1 to 12 September 2013 in Kherson region there was All-Ukrainian sports and rehabilitation event for young people with special physical needs " Sails of Hope", which was held by All-Ukrainian Union of Social Organizations "Confederation of NGOs of people with disabilities of  Ukraine" supported by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the the State service for people with disabilities and veterans of Ukraine.
Event was held for the purpose of sport rehabilitation of young people with disabilities, improve sports skills, socio- psychological adaptation, improvement of teaching and training work with athletes with disabilities with different nosology.
For the young people with special physical needs systematic physical training and rehabilitation sessions form: conscious attitude to their power over the forces of the average healthy person, the ability to overcome not only physical but also psychological barriers, the ability to overcome necessary for proper functioning of the society of physical activity; needs to be healthy as possible, and live a healthy lifestyle, awareness of the need of their personal contribution to society.
If a healthy person physical activity is a natural necessity, for the people with disabilities - a mode of existence, the objective conditions of viability. It gives independence and self-reliance, expanding knowledge and communication, changing values, enriching the spiritual world, improves mobility, increases vitality, physical and mental health, therefore, opens up the possibility of positive change in the biological and social status. The participants were young people with disabilities who are within 12 days participated in competitions in the following areas :
• dekatlon ( all-around ): throwing the ball jumps off , running at 60 m, 100 m, basketball, football , jumping in the long run, shot put, boche golf ;
• athletics: running for 200 m, 1500 m relay 4h100m ;
• powerlifting ;
• checkers, chess , backgammon ;
• table tennis ;
• darts ;
• shuttle run ;
• football ;
• billiards ;
• badminton ;
• skittles ;
• skittles ;
• hockey ;
• table tennis;
• race on the program activities of the mobile activity (matrix).
The event was attended by 250 people, 198 of them have disabilities. Participants were representatives of public organizations of the people with disabilities from 16 regions of Ukraine.
Experience of participation and achievements in sports and rehabilitation activities help young people with disabilities to believe in them. Due to the competition improved self-esteem of young disabled people, expanded the scope of their communication. The results and improvements in the most disabled people have shown the importance and necessity of such measures and their place of residence.
This demonstrates the practical value of such work on the socialization of people with disabilities and their integration into society. The event ended with a closing gala and awards prizes to winners of competitions.