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There Was a Meeting of The Advisory Committee of the Government Commissioner of the Rights of the People with Disabilities

16 September 2013

In order to fully provide by social security legislation of Ukraine all efforts to address the critical issues in the field of Social Security of the people with Disabilities should be united and directed. This said Olexiy Zhuravko during a meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Government Commissioner of the Rights of the People with Disabilities. Meeting was held on September 12, 2013 in the premises of the All-Ukrainian Union of Social Organizations "Confederation of NGOs of People with Disabilities of Ukraine».
One of the main issues, which focused executives of NGO`s of the  people with disabilities at the meeting – is amendment to the law on 4 per cent quota, which reduces revenues to the Social Security Fund of People with Disabilities. According to Olexiy Zhuravko, drop these  indicators will be negative displayed at the Social Security Fund of People with Disabilities, particularly in terms of creating jobs for people with disabilities, funding for rehabilitation organizations , providing rehabilitation facilities, material and medical assistance, etc...
Another issue which was raised at the meeting – is unrestricted access to special parking spaces for the people with disabilities. The Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Social organization Association of the People with Disabilities with spinal injuries of Ukraine Ivan Marusevich said, that today in Ukraine there are legislative provisions to governing the possibility for individuals with physical disabilities to park for free on places specifically designed for people with disabilities vehicles, and determine the number of places at the office buildings, supermarkets, banks and other infrastructure. However, people with disabilities can not always park their cars in the space provided. Because there park their cars people, who have no right to do it.

To address the issues raised members of the public proposed to hold informational campaign among drivers to eliminate violations of traffic rules in terms of stopping private cars to public transport stops and in designated areas and  also to consider strengthening penalties for parking on-site intended for the transport of the people with disabilities.
Also present members stressed the necessity of perfecting of the Law of Ukraine "On Social Services" and the development of effective regulations to control NGOs of people with disabilities the delivery of social services. In addition, there was proposed to involve NGOs in providing social services.
«Priority of printing books in Braille should be given to non-governmental organizations that deal with blind people" - as Olexiy Zhuravko supported the request of the Chairman of the UTOS Vladislav Bilchycha assist in obtaining procurement printing books in Braille. - It will provide an opportunity to provide jobs for existing and create new jobs».
To view the capacity of the National House of recording and printing capabilities and equipment for printing books in Braille Government Commissioner of the Rights of the People with Disabilities next week will visit the enterprise of UTOS in Kiev.
Issues that paid attention to members of the Advisory Committee of the Government Commissioner of the Rights of the People with Disabilities, that there is problem in Ukrainian law that protects the rights of cancer patients. Head of the NGO "Donna" Larisa Yaschenko  adress to Olexiy Zhuravko asking to ensure the right to quality and affordable health care, spa treatments, etc. for the patients with breast cancer.
During the meeting there was decided also to hold a meeting, which will be devoted exclusively to the financial support of NGOs of the people with disabilities. For continuous monitoring of this issue Government Commissioner of the People with Disabilities Olexiy Zhuravko suggested, except this meeting, to organize such meetings once or twice a month.
The participants discussed many organizational issues also. First, at the beginning of their meeting, the members of the Advisory in their ranks took another Ukrainian public organization. The Committee included "Association of Entrepreneurs and workers with disabilities  of Ukraine", which is headed by Serhij Hurinov.
Also during the meeting started developing internal regulations of the Advisory Committee. "To improve the performance of our business we need to create the appropriate rules of interaction and procedure to be followed in the preparation of one, or other documents. We work out the standard directed on exclusion the same mistakes, "- said Olexiy Zhuravko.
At the end of the meeting participants outlined areas of work on which the Advisory Committee will work in the IV quarter of 2013. In the view of the Advisory Committee will focus on the financial support of public organizations of people with disabilities in 2014 to provide tax incentives to enterprises that employ people with disabilities and the issue of protecting the rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

Source - Official website of the Government Commissioner of the Rights of the People with Disabilities Zhuravko O. V.