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All-Ukrainian Sports and Rehabilitation Event for People with Disabilities of Different Nosology "At Will There Is a Power"

24 September 2013

From 13 to 24 September 2013 in Kherson region was held All-Ukrainian sports and rehabilitation event for people with disabilities of different nosology “At will there is  a power”, which was held by All-Ukrainian Union of Social Organizations “Confederation of NGOs of people with disabilities of Ukraine” supported by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the State Service for the people with disabilities and veterans of Ukraine.
The purpose of the event was the rehabilitation of people with disabilities of different nosology through their involvement in physical education, sports, preventive measures, promoting the integration of people with disabilities into society.
The main objective of involving people with disabilities in regular physical training and sports - is  to restore lost contact with the outside world, to create the necessary conditions for social integration and participation in socially useful work and rehabilitation of their health. In addition, physical education and sport help to improve mental and physical health of people with disabilities, promoting their social integration and physical rehabilitation.
 Adaptive physical recreation as a form of physical activity is most relevant to the interests and needs of people with disabilities and people with disabilities in the state of health as the most accessible and natural form of their physical abilities, where the process is more important than the result.
The event was attended by people with disabilities of various nosologies. Competitions were held in the following areas:
• athletics: running for 200 meters relay 4h100m;
• power lifting;
• checkers, chess, backgammon;
• table tennis;
• darts;
• shuttle run;
• football;
• billiards;
• badminton;
• skittles;
• small towns;
• hockey;
• table tennis;
• race on the program of activities of the mobile activity (matrix).
• decathlon (all-around): throwing the ball jumps off, running at 60 meters, 100 meters, basketball, football, jumping in the long run, shot put, boche, golf.
The event was attended by 250 people, including 215 people with disabilities. Participants were representatives of public organizations of people with disabilities from 17 regions of Ukraine.
Information about the event was covered in the section "News" Kherson Regional State TRC “Scythia”.
The event ended with a ceremonial closing and awarding prizes of the winners of competitions.