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On the 6th of October There Was Held Mass Sports Event “World Day of Walk”

08 October 2013

In Kiev, on the 6th of October, for the first time in the history of Ukraine there was held a mass sports event “World Day of Walk”, initiated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, organized by the All-Ukrainian Center for physical health “Sport for All” and the Kyiv City State Administration. In the action there also were people with disabilities; their group was headed by First Deputy of the Chairman of the National Committee for the Non-Olympic kinds of sports for the people with disabilities of Ukraine Lysak Leonid Pavlovych.
The action was carried out in the sports events of international organizations TASIFA, which unites more than 130 countries worldwide.
Among the residents and guests of the event there were also Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Ravil Safiulin , Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration Victor Korzh and other dignitaries. In total, to the first World Day Walk came over 3,000 participants, to walk 4.3 km specially designed long route.
Everyone could play table tennis, compete on the football or basketball court, children are offered to try their hand at children's bike slalom, jumping on big rope and relay “Happy Starts”.
Participation in the “World Day of Walk” also took away more than 150 retirees, the oldest of who was 90 years old. They overcame a distance of 500 meters.
And also there was held a lottery among participants who completed a full route. Winners received from partners of the action sports prizes and gifts.

Source – Governmental Portal