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In Cherkasy Representatives of NGOs Learned Skills of Using Social Media

26 November 2013

Social media are becoming increasingly popular in the informational life of society. With the development of modern technologies, social media becoming an integral part of the professional activity of many companies, institutions and organizations. As the international experience shows, the activities of NGOs in social media also have its effect and are very effective. Thus, using social media can inform the public about the organization and its activities, involve partial to solve problems, raise funds, communicate with donors, so, activity in social media can be the same usual professional activities. Therefore, this subject is very topical for Ukrainian NGOs also.
Studied activity in social media and studied the possibility of using social media in the work of their organizations representatives to 5 NGOs on 21-22 of November in Cherkassy in training "Teaching skills using social media for NGOs "held as part of the project funded by the U.S. Embassy. The theme really was important for the participants. All participants were told at the beginning of the training, waiting to learn how to use social media in their organizations activity, and noted that the issue of NGOs in social media is important. Thus, the participants talked about their experiences known successful fundraising campaigns through social media, effective NGO work in social media, so inspired by positive experiences, participants listened attentively the information on social media.
During the training were highlighted the creation and promotion of groups of organizations in the social media, website development and blogging, marketing in social networks, etc... Also, participants were able to work out the knowledge and skills to practice at home and getting CDs with training materials and programs.
After the training the participants consulted with coaches individually about how to create pages and groups in social networks for their organizations and trainers in turn help participants develop a plan for the establishment and promotion strategy of organization pages on social networks. Participants told th\at they are interested in training and they have a desire to continue learning and implementing their organizations active in social media.
We hope that obtained during the training knowledge will be soon realized in practical activities and active activity of the participants and their organizations on social media and most importantly - help in achieving the goal of organizations.