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Training "Learning of using skills of social media" in Simferopol

20 January 2014

Social media, in our time, become part of activity of many organizations and companies. They allow sharing information, communicating, joining in community, etc. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of social media in work in NGOs. They provide an opportunity to disseminate information about the organization, find partners, to carry out actions and campaigns, communicate with government officials, etc.

Using of skills of social media for NGOs learned the representatives of NGOs of people with disabilities of Crimean also.
On January 16th -17th in Simferopol there was the event - training of using skills of social media for NGOs. The event was part of the “Learning skills using social media for representatives of 10 NGOs” with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.
During the training, participants learned to create and promote a page on social networks, to create an account on YouTube, skills of effective content management and marketing in social media. These issues were considered as part of the activity of NGO, it was focused on the features of NGOs in social media. During the training, participants learned about the possibilities of fundraising activities through social media, finding partners and sponsors through social networks, learned about the practice of awareness campaigns about the organization through social media.
Participants noted that the topic is relevant and important for NGOs. In particular, according to participants in the social network of are registered representatives of target groups, partners and sponsors. Social media allow to quickly disseminating information about activities, events, actions of the organization. In particular, these activities are relevant to NGOs for people with disabilities – social media make possible to engage in discussions, find like-minded people to join in the community to solve problems.